niedziela, 6 lutego 2011


Hey guys,
I decided to create some kind of diary from my life without facebook. I think that it will be interesting experience for me- as a future cultural and as a person who was totally addicted to that and for you to understand what FACEBOOK is, how it can guide our life.
So, let's start with idea for doing that.
I'm totally addicted to FB, I bought specially for that Blackberry to have FB with me all the time. When somebody wrote to me, poked me, tagged me in some photos I knew about that at the same moment as it appeared.
Especially for FB I picked special bell for any of notification.
Thanks to FB I had a quarrel with my sister, brother, exboyfriend, mother and others,others,others.Because somebody commented something in wrong way, or I was on the photo with someone, who is stupid.. I think you know exacly what I'm talking about :)
So to go ahead in my life I think it's inevitable to include FB in that.
I don't want to see any photos of my ex boyfriend with other girls, or to see what he's doing with who etc. I don't want to wrangle with my siblings any more, with my mother etc.
I want to feel free.
I want to be incognito.
I want to have more time for my hobby.
I want to see who really care about my person, or who's not.
I also think that it's great trick to get ex boyfriend back.
But ok, we will see how it will be look like afterwards :)
SO guys, keep your fingers crossed!
Big adventure HERE I COME.
I'm going to sleep right now, after great day spending doing nothing that watching TV series, talking to friends, sleeping :)
I'm going to sleep without laptop in my bed, with Facebook at the end of the day.
Bye Bye Facebook- I can life without you!
I'm much stronger than you are!