środa, 6 stycznia 2010

500 days to summer!

It's not a coincidence that the title of our post is like that. A film "500 days of summer" won my heart..It is, no,not revolutionary, but miraculous and playful... the smartest film I've seen about romance in literally years. I strongly reccomend this film. It's not normal comedy with happy-ending and with characters who have to be together just because, but it's normal life which shows us that you never can't be truely sure about what love means.
Soundtrack is so great, that I have to give you link to the best song I've ever listened to.

Some fashion :
now it's winter unfortunately and with no grumbling we have to wear comfortable and warm clothing. But despite this fact we can be still fashionable. Check out : Leighton Meester, Dree Hemingway, Taylor Momsen.

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