czwartek, 7 stycznia 2010

I know you love me. XOXO

It's well-known introduction to the most popular in US and Europe TV Show Gossip girl.
Why we love GG?
There are a lot of aspects that can be loved in this TV show.
First of all F A S H I O N .
In every episode we can be inspired by every character's clothes.

If you are more elegant, chic, glamorous, but love hand-picked and tidy clothes you can indentify with Blair. The queen of Mean Girls on the Upper East Side in NYC.

If you like more sexy, skin-tight, stylish clothes you can indetify with Serena. She's the girl who always does a lot of mess around her. And has a lot of admirers.

If you like more glam& rock, rebellious, courageous clothes, you can indetify with Jenny. She 's like fashion victim.

Thanks to Gossip Girl we all started to love handbands!
They attract a lot of attention and delight.
Then, what you are waiting for, START TO WEAR THEM.
Marc Jacobs presented 'rabbit ears' on Louis Vuitton fashion show ( a/s 2009).
They created a sensation.

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